To help ensure a safe and  comfortable stay for our guests, the Hotel has developed a set of Regulations. Hotel Administration asks for you to follow these Regulations.

Regulations Related to Fire Prevention

1.   Please do not bring or use flammable items, such as heating equipment, irons, cooking equipment which the rooms are not equipped with. Also poisons, radioactive materials and explosives. Burning and letting off fireworks are prohibited on the

2.  Please refrain from smoking in places that represent a fire  hazard, such as in bed, or while along corridors or in the lobby.

3.  Please do not touch fire-fighting equipment unless there is an emergency.

4.  Please be aware of evacuation routes that are indicated on the back of the entrance door of each guest room.

Security regulations

1.  Please make sure to lock your door when leaving your room during your stay.

2.  Should someone call on your room, please identify your visitor before opening the door. If the person appears to be unknown, please contact Hotel reception immediately.

Handling of deposited valuables and items

1.  Please always deposit cash and other valuables in safe boxes available at every guest room otherwise Hotel cannot be held responsible for valuable items left in the room.

2.  Lost property is dealt with as and when require in accordance with the laws and regulations.

Prohibited activities
Please refrain from the following activities, which may inconvenience other Hotel guests:

Please do not bring the following items to the Hotel because they may inconvenience other Hotel guests:

1.  Pets and animals, such as dogs, cats and birds (excluding guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs, and service dogs)

2. Items with an offensive odor

3. Inflammable or combustible items, such as gunpowder and volatile oil

4. Please do not bring illicit items into the Hotel. Please do not carry out gambling and other illegal activities in the Hotel.

5. Please avoid inconveniencing other Hotel guests with acts such as shouting or singing, or acts that similarly create a loud noise.

6. Please do not use guest rooms for purposes other than sleeping or dining without the permission of the Hotel.

7. Please do not deliver or display advertising materials, or solicit the sale of goods in the Hotel without the permission of the Hotel.

8. Please  note that publishing photos or other images taken in the hotel for commercial purposes, without the permissionof the Hotel, may result in legal action.

9.   Every guest has the responsibility to protect and not to damage the hotel property. 

Prohibition of antisocial forces from using the Hotel facilities

The Hotel prohibits the following organizations or individuals from using its facilities:

1. Organized crime groups, members of organized crime groups, and organizations or parties related to organized crime groups, companies and parties related to organizations whose business activities are controlled by organized crime groups or the members of organized crime groups.

2. Antisocial forces, and members of or parties related to antisocial forces.

3. In cases when activities such as acts of violence, injury, threats, blackmail, intimidation, and similar activities are confirmed.

4. Persons who are not able to secure their own safety due to lack of control, as a result of mental instability, drugs and other factors, or any persons who are likely to cause danger, fear, or anxiety among other Hotel guests. When to describe in the preceding paragraph are confirmed as applicable, the Hotel will immediately ban the relevant parties from its facilities.

In accordance with the regulations of the Government of Georgia, any criminal activity such as fighting, gambling, drug taking, prostitution in the hotel is prohibited. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to allow any guest who fails to observe the Regulations to stay at the Hotel or use its facilities.

Thank you for your attention

Administration of the Hotel 

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